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Financial audit

In addition to ensuring that your organization meets legal obligations, we ensure you that you will be informed about how your company is performing. This is important for you, but also for bodies such as banks or subsidy providers. We do this by, for example, checking your annual accounts. During an audit of the annual accounts, we determine whether your annual accounts provide a correct picture and comply with the law. We carry out a number of checks for this.

Numbers are important. However, at Conclude Accountants, accountant in Utrecht, we like to look beyond just the numbers. We support you in achieving your goal. For this we look at the bigger picture. We immediately communicate with you if you have not taken the right path, or if there is an even better route to achieve your goal. Conclude Accountants Utrecht is happy to guide you through this. Our approach is that we want to build a long-term relationship with you. We are happy to audit the financial statements to achieve this.

Added value

Added value

In our opinion, the objective of an financial audit is more than an auditor's report, an audit must have an added value because you have more control over your organization. First of all, we determine which controls are already carried out in the organization. Those things do not need to be checked by us again. During the audit we use specially developed software and an electronic file. This allows us to efficiently store and access information about your organization and to avoid duplication of effort.



What is your financial position and how did you achieve it? Two important questions that you can answer through financial statements. Conclude Accountants from Utrecht are happy to check your annual accounts and also answer the third question; how do you get to your destination? An annual audit is divided into two periods; an interim and year-end audit. During the interim audit we assess the processes of your organization and we perform system checks on the internal audit.

Statutory audit

You are required to keep records and the financial statements are part of this process. The articles of association may stipulate that the annual accounts must be audited. In accountant language this is called a statutory audit. The control is then statutory rather than statutory. Even if you are not obliged to have your annual accounts audited, it still provides you with a lot of useful information. As an owner, are you not directly involved in your company? Or do you want more insight into the financial health of your organization or an organization you work with? Then a voluntary check is definitely recommended. A voluntary audit can also be a good marketing tool, especially for external parties to work with you. Let yourself be taken care of by the accountants of Conclude Accountants from Utrecht. In addition to auditing the financial statements, we are happy to be your financial guide.


In addition to the financial statements audit, we can also support you if you already have an auditor. We call such an audit a pre-audit. We prepare your organization for the annual audit. We can then support you with preparing the balance sheet, preparing the annual accounts and guiding the control process. We therefore describe your internal organization so that your auditing accountant can then start immediately. Did you know that in addition to audits, Conclude Accountants Utrecht also specializes in ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402, among others.

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