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About us

Certicus ltd. is an international assurance provider with activities in the European Union (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium), United Kingdom and Japan. Certicus is a spin-off from Conclude Accountants BV in the Netherlands and operates under Dutch Law. Almost all Certicus employees have a Big Four-background. We consequently work in accordance with the highest professional standards and we have experience in working with tight deadlines and delivering the highest quality. Professionalism combined with a personal and service-oriented approach.

In our opinion, effective project management, our experience with implementing risk management frameworks in your industry, and professionalism are the basis for excellent results and our position as the market leader in the European assurance market.

We are a smaller sized company, but we live by the quality and service we deliver. We always try harder to meet our clients’ needs. As a consequence of our flat structure and efficient communication framework, we can respond quickly to any requirements.

Why Certicus?

Excellent results, distinctive approach

Our approach

Our approach for both ISAE 3402 | SOC 1 and ISAE 3000 | SOC 2 audits comprises of an intensive automated audit workflow based on our SOCassurance™ solution, continuous improvement of yours and our processes, and customer excellence in everything we do. This approach is summarized in the underlying figure.

ISAE 3402 philosophy
Audit automation

Certicus developed an audit workflow management and audit file storage system based on cutting edge technologies with security systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) and the CloudLinux platform.

Process improvement

Best practice development and client advisory process is the heart of our approach. After each audit period, we provide a Progress and Improvement Report (PIR). Based on our experience in your and other industries we always improve our best practice. This best practice is the basis of your Progress and Improvement Report.

Customer excellence

Periodically we interview our clients and review the evaluations to improve our client experience; minimizing business disruption and added value in everything we do. Our professional staff is developed both on professional and social skills. So that they can provide our top quality services in a pleasant and client focussed way.


We are delighted to support organizations with ISAE 3402 | SOC 1 and ISAE 3000 | SOC 2 assurance engagements by delivering quality with a client focussed approach. We are eager to support and provide a distinctive value add to the further professional development of professional organizations.


We are focused on performing ISAE 3402 SOC 1 and ISAE 3000 SOC 2 engagements efficiently and advise proactively during the whole process. Our proposition is aligned with the requirements of international corporates and supervisory organizations. This proposition is translated into our customer focussed approach.


As Certicus, we also feel that a good understanding, clear communication, and knowledge of our clients’ industry are essential for delivering added value to you as our client. Based on this approach we will inform you of the relevant changes in laws, regulations, and other important developments.