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How to find a good accountant

Every entrepreneur knows that a good administration is very important for the company's success. In practice, finding the time to actually do the administration often turns out to be a difficult job. It is therefore important to find a good accountant. However, where do good accountants come in?

Tip 1. Determine the Type of Accountant

Are you looking for an accountant who only checks all the digits so that the income tax can be done accurately? Or rather an accountant who acts as a kind of financial guide? It is wise to determine this for yourself before you start the search for an accountant. At Conclude Accountants we like to look beyond just the facts and figures; in this way we enter into a sustainable partnership.

Tip 2. Determine What You Expect From Your Accountant

Do you just want to meet the tax requirements? Or do you prefer to see your accountant as a financial guide? In the latter case, it is important that you find an accountant with whom you have a personal click. Because you know where you want to go with your organization and you can tell your accountant how to go down this road financially.

At Conclude Accountants in Utrecht, you decide to what extent you want to make use of our services thanks to the various packages we offer.

Tip 3. Determine what you want to outsource

Keeping a good administration is quite a job. How accurate and disciplined are you? Can you find the time to do something about the administration on a weekly, if not daily, basis? Keeping proper records is a time-consuming job. In practice, entrepreneurs often prefer to do business rather than dealing with receipts. If everything is outsourced, an accountant will have to tell you how to do it financially. If you only outsource the annual accounts and the tax return, then you are reasonably aware of the financial health of your organization.

Tip 4. Determine the Type of Audit Firm

Do you prefer to entrust the administration to a large or small accountancy firm? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. With a large accountancy firm, it is generally more difficult to get someone to talk to you and every question you ask is usually invoiced. On the other hand, continuity is better guaranteed. With a smaller accountancy firm, personal contact is easier and the lines of communication are shorter. One builds up a personal relationship with the accountant more quickly. At the smallest accountancy firms it can be awkward if, for example, your accountant is unwell or on holiday. A replacement may be less familiar with your organization.

Tip 5. Determine Your Accountant's Region

You have found the right accountant but he is two cities away. Is that a problem? Probably not. If you appreciate personal contact, it may be useful to find an accountant a bit closer to you. Our accountancy office is located in Utrecht, central in the Netherlands. In addition, we have a second office focused on SME clients. This office is located in Bunnik, province of Utrecht.

Tip 6. Determine If the Accountant Speaks Your Language

Accountants are experts. Experts like to talk in professional terms. There is nothing wrong with that, but an accountant should not forget to make the translation into an understandable story for you. A good accountant is aware that you may not know exactly what is meant by intangible fixed assets and will be happy to explain it to you. Do you have to ask for clarification too often? Then it is wise to look for another accountant. At Conclude Accountants we see it as our goal to always make the translation into 'ordinary human language'. This is the only way to guarantee a pleasant collaboration.

Lastly, finding a good accountant can seem complicated. Especially when the search is being conducted for the first time. The above tips will make finding the accountant that suits you a lot easier. If you have any questions, please contact us at 030 2333480 or send us an e-mail: