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Nationaal Hypotheek loket

Photo: Emile ten Hoor, managing partner Conclude Accountants (R) and Antoinette Kalkman, management Nationaal Hypotheek Loket (L).

Nationaal Hypotheek Loket has received an ISAE 3402 Type 1 statement with effect from 4 May 2017. With an ISAE 3402 Type 1 statement, Nationaal Hypotheek Loket demonstrates that the processes surrounding mortgage application and risk management are controlled.

Nationaal Hypotheek Loket takes over parts of the mortgage acceptance process from various mortgage lenders. A well streamlined operational process is the basis of a mortgage lender's success. In addition, the services of Nationaal Hypotheek Loket are focused on financial institutions which are looking for a professional service organisation that can take over mortgage or insurance-related processes in a streamlined and safe manner.

Nationaal Hypotheek Loket considers that they can offer an optimal process to the mortgage lender. A mortgage portfolio will be constructed and the NPS (customer loyalty), image and overall success of the mortgage lender will be increased. The provider is assured that all outsourced activities are carried out in a safe manner.

Antoinette Kalkman, management, explains: ‘The process is so important. Customer interest can be affected as soon as the process is not optimally organised. This can have legal, commercial and operational consequences. Financial institutions are obliged by law to be able to demonstrate that processes are controlled in the case of outsourcing. With ISAE 3402 certification, Nationaal Hypotheek Loket ensures that our business partners can meet this obligation and are certain that all processes have been controlled and secured.’

Koen van der Aa, supervisor at SASconsult, adds: ‘During the implementation process, Nationaal Hypotheek Loket has shown that processes and procedures are adequately organised and controlled. This has ensured an efficient implementation process and good collaboration. The processes and procedures have been optimised in a short time and Nationaal Hypotheek Loket has implemented a solid risk management framework.’