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Conclude and TUV

Conclude joins forces with TÜV Netherlands

Photo: Signature of the contract by Emile ten Hoor of Conclude Accountants(L) and Edwin Franken of TÜV Nederland (R)

The importance of information security is of paramount value to many organizations, in which their own processes are often tested independently on the basis of ISO audits. In addition, in order to check outsourced processes, so-called ISAE 3402 or ISAE 3000 assurance statements are used. Due to the partner agreement with Conclude Accountants, clients of TÜV Nederland can, in addition to certification services such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, also apply for ISAE 3000 or ISAE 3402 services.

The Importance of ISAE 3402 and ISAE 3000

Information security is becoming increasingly important for organizations. The management system aimed at this information security is often tested during an ISO 27001 audit. As soon as questions arise about the information security of an outsourced service, an ISAE 3402 or ISAE 3000 is often an appropriate audit. Why is ISAE 3402 or ISAE 3000 suitable? ISAE 3402 is recognised by financial regulators such as the Dutch Central Bank, but auditors can also rely on it when auditing financial statements.

For services involving important financial components, the ISAE 3402 standard is issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). For security and other non-financial information, the ISAE 3000 standard has been issued. The ISAE standards arose from the desire of organisations to have more insight into and control over outsourced processes. Only accountants whose professional organisation is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) may issue an ISAE statement. Such auditors are employed by Conclude Accountants and because of the partner agreement with TÜV Nederland, TÜV can also offer these services to their clients.

Specialized in Third Party Assurance

Conclude Accountants is an accountancy firm from Utrecht that is recognised by the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA). Conclude Accountants is staffed by specialised accountants and consultants who combine knowledge and professionalism with entrepreneurship. Since 2004, they have been carrying out so-called third party assurance assignments - which also includes the ISAE 3402 audit - and are market leader in the Netherlands and the most progressive organisation in Europe in this field. This is due to the fact that they work with audit software. They have developed themselves using Risk Intelligence. Conclude Accountants has an extensive knowledge database for various sectors, such as managed services, SaaS and data centre providers. Thanks to the partner agreement with TÜV Netherlands, they can deploy their services even more broadly and offer an additional value to the professionalisation of various sectors.


TÜV Nederland is part of TÜV NORD GROUP and one of the forerunners of certification in the field of privacy and cyber security (e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and IEC 62443). TÜV Nederland has the ambition to further broaden its service package in the field of privacy and information security, in order to be able to offer even more of a total package to the market. The addition of ISAE standards to the partner agreement with Conclude Accountants is a logical step. Because of the overlap with ISO 27001 and other standards, it also offers the unique possibility to perform the audits together more efficiently, so that the client is faced with less burden on its own organisation.

Koen van der Aa, Manager Conclude
"Conclude Accountants offers assurance services in the areas of governance, risk and compliance. We are constantly looking for developments in the market and respond to them with our innovative products. For instance, we have been working with a fully automated audit since 2017, called SOC assurance.Throughout the entire audit process, we believe in the strength of your organisation, the existing processes and internal control. Our mission is to carry out the audit activities efficiently and to minimize the disruption of operational processes".

Vincent Schijven, Innovatiemanager TÜV Nederland: 
"TÜV Nederland wants to be at the forefront of the market for certification and inspection with its services. We recently started with the certification on the IEC62443, the standard for cybersecurity within Operational Technology, and now we can also provide ISAE services. This partnership with Conclude Accountants has tied us to one of the largest service providers in this field that will benefit our customers. I am therefore proud of our unique partnership!"