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Conclusion joins forces with TÜV Netherlands
Information security is becoming increasingly important for organizations. Through this collaboration, forces in the field of ISO and outsourcing assurance are combined and provided.
Nationaal Hypotheek loket
Nationaal Hypotheek Loket received an ISAE 3402 Type 1 statement and demonstrates that the processes surrounding mortgage application and risk management are controlled.
How to find a good accountant
It is important to find an accountant that suits you and your organisation. With the tips listed below, we will help you simplify your search for a good accountant.
Capital Value Acquires ISAE 3402
Capital Value Assessments has been awarded the ISAE 3402 Type I certificate. This makes Capital Value the first valuation organisation to have integrated ISAE 3402 with the guidelines of the Netherlands Property Valuers Register (NRVT).
Dataplace achieves the ISAE 3402 type II statement
Dataplace, leading provider of carrier-neutral data centre services, is one of the first data centres in the Netherlands to have the ISAE 3402 type II statement.
Reality Manufacturing Will Revolutionize
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