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Capital Value

Capital Value Acquires ISAE 3402

Photo: Emile ten Hoor, managing partner of Conclude Accountants, (l) hands over the ISAE certificate to Ruben Smulders, director of Capital Value Assessments (r).

Capital Value Assessments has been granted the ISAE 3402 Type I certificate. This has made Capital Value the first appraisal organisation which has integrated ISAE 3402 in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch Real Estate Valuers Register (NRVT). From the start, Capital Value has always adhered to the highest standards in terms of transparency and regulations. Once the certificate has been obtained, it has been demonstrably established that all regulations and requirements set by the NRVT have been met.

ISAE is an internationally recognised standard. The ISAE 3402 Type I report provides a detailed insight into how an organisation has arranged the control and security of the services outsourced to it. Capital Value has engaged SASconsult to draw up this report. The valuation process of Capital Value has been fully analyzed and the consistency and controllability of the internal work processes have been monitored.

"Capital Value is a professional organization which finds it important to structure its processes and to guarantee the quality of its services. The ISAE 3402 certification fits in with this. Because the processes were well organized, we were able to realize a qualitatively strong report in a short period of time."

- Koen van der Aa | senior consultant SASconsult -

The certification and associated audit was done by Conclude Accountants. They have tested and approved the management measures and their operation, after which the certificate was awarded to Capital Value.

"Capital Value is a fast growing organization with a lot of specialist knowledge. Capital Value pays a lot of attention to risk management, integrity, and internal process management. This has allowed them to meet the requirements of both COSO 2013, ISAE 3402 and the NRVT guidelines in a relatively short timeframe".

- Emile ten Hoor | managing partner Conclude - 

"Obtaining an ISAE certificate reflects the level we strive for in our processes and products and endorses the quality of our services. This enables us to guarantee the transparency and verifiability of our valuations and the valuation process to our clients at all times".

- Ruben Smulders | directeur Taxaties -

About Capital Value Valuations

Capital Value is a specialist and market leader in the residential investment market and has a full-service appraisal department specialised in valuations of residential portfolios and with extensive knowledge of commercial, social and care real estate. Capital Value is 'Regulated by RICS'.